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Ms. Hernandez I just wanted to express how pleased I am with Emily and Emmanuel. Both of them possessed excellent knowledge of medications and pharmacy protocol. Since their employment they have demonstrated outstanding skills in customer service, processing prescriptions, team approach and productivity. They have been a great asset to my pharmacy, again thank you
Nancy M., St John Pharmacy8/23/2017.

Hello everyone I got a JOB the same day of my interview!!! My professors were very helpful and sent me to St. John Hospital and landed me a same day job. Thanks NBCI especially to my instructor Ms. Hernandez. I will recommend this school to my friends and family.
Emily I, St john8/23/2017

My experience at NBCI was one of the best!!! I not only learned a skill that has prepared me for the job that I trained for, but I have a career that I am proud of. The instructions I received at NBCI gave me a real life situations to prepare me for any situations I may encounter as a Pharmacy Technician. The staff cares about you and the instructors treated me like a family !!!

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